2016 John Winter Family Fund Award

Chelsea Catalone

Chelsea Catalone,
2016 John Winter Family Fund Award Winner

Chelsea's letter to Drums Along The Mohawk on why she marches with DCI drum corps:

"Most people spend their summer going on vacations with a small number of family or friends, but what about spending a summer with 150 of your closest friends traveling throughout America playing music, exercising, and competing? Those are just a few examples of the many benefits that come with being in a drum corps.

Not everyone involved in drum corps has to be the best player out there, or be majoring in music. People involved in drum corps are some of the most dedicated people in the world. Sure, talent is important in a drum corps member, but dedication to the activity and the strength to push through long, hot rehearsals everyday is what really makes a drum corps member. Ever since I started drum corps in DCA 5 years ago, I know for a fact I have matured and become an overall better person in so many ways.

When you start marching with a drum corps, there is something that happens that releases an intense passion inside of you that makes you want to wake up every day and work hard for that passion. It makes you not only want to be better in the activity, but in life as well. Life, like drum corps, is hard work, but when everyone on your team gives it their all, the product is incredible. You don't have to be in the best group in the world to have the best experience either, that's the beauty of it.

As long as you give it your all, then no bad can come from marching drum corps, just like when you are taking a test or doing your job. No matter how much a day of drum corps hurts, or makes me tired, every year I keep coming back to chase the rush of performing a piece of art that I have contributed to after long, strenuous hours of rehearsal.

Not only does drum corps make you a better person individually, but it also creates everlasting connections with people in the activity. When you start marching drum corps, it's like you never stop, even if you never actually march again. That passion lives inside you forever."

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