2019 Music for Kids Award

Trevor Stoyer

Trevor Stoyer,
2019 Music for Kids Award Winner

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Trevor's letter to Drums Along The Mohawk:

Drum corps to me has been such an amazing experience. It allowed me to grow so much as a performer and as a person. My season with the Spartans brought my love for music to a whole new level. It made me realize how much hard work and dedication really pay off. Spending time on a single show for an entire summer taught me that focusing on the small things goes a long way ... It broadened my visual vocabulary as well as improved my stamina. This will be invaluable as I perform in future shows and as my marching band goes on to the 2020 Rose Bowl Parade. As a person, drum corps has taught me many things. Responsibility is a major part of being in a corps ... Cooperation is another very important skill that is necessary on a field with 100-154 performers ... Even though the performers have separate responsibilities, they must complete them together. Teams of people need to be able to cooperate to achieve the common goal. Working together, along with completing personal tasks, is what I’ve learned that keeps the field in sync and the world spinning.

Recommendation: Paul Carter, Band Director, Baldwinsville Middle School

Over the past 3 years that I have known Trevor, I have watched him grow into a very talented, dedicated and successful musician and leader with a bright future ahead of him ... In addition to drum corps, he is an active member of many ensembles…He currently takes French Horn private lessons and recently performed at the NYSSMA Solo Festival scoring a 100 on his Level VI solo. Not only does he participate in this wide variety of activities, he excels in all facets through hard work, dedication and a love of music. Without asking, he always volunteers to help and takes charge to support his fellow musicians and performers. In addition to all of his musical endeavors he is also a fantastic student maintaining high academic standing. He will have a bright future wherever he goes.

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