2019 Music for Kids Award

Kalayaan Raguso

Kalayaan Raguso,
2019 Music for Kids Award Winner

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Kalayaan's letter to Drums Along The Mohawk:

There are a million reasons why I joined drum corps, and a million more why I joined marching band, but why I joined DCI was to learn to be a great teacher! Marching band saved me time after time again and when it was time for me to pass the torch to a new generation, drum corps was my new savior. Everyone told me I was never going to make so much as DCA and that my dreams of DCI were dead on arrival. But DCA supported me when no one else did ... My brass director believed in me when even I didn’t ... When no one was there to support me, drum corps and marching band were ... what they gave me can never be truly explained so I joined DCI to finally learn how I can give back. I’m joining DCI to learn from the best marching arts teachers there are, so one day I can return to my home program and pay back all they did for me. I want to grow as much as I can as a performer so as soon as I age out I can make memories for kids for years to come.

Recommendation: Rachel Rubino, Brass Caption Head – 7th Regiment Drum and Bugle Corps

Kalayaan is a first year member of the 7th Regiment Brassline. In her time here, I have been most impressed by her work ethic and grit. As a rookie member of a drum corps, it is easy to revert to survival mode and simply perform the tasks that are necessary to get by but Kalayaan has not fallen into that trap. In rehearsals she is focused and engaged. She takes corrections to heart, and is constantly striving to improve her performance. I have no doubt that with her work ethic and determination she will continue to grow and flourish throughout the season. I am excited to see where her drum corps career takes her.

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