2019 Music for Kids Award

Davis Kerns

Davis Kerns,
2019 Music for Kids Award Winner

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Davis's letter to Drums Along The Mohawk:

Being involved in drum corps was something I always thought would be just a dream I had that I never would’ve been able to make a reality…I loved playing percussion but I had also been interested in trying out for the color guard ... It wasn’t until my senior year of high school when my band class watched the Colts Drum and Bugle Corps’ rehearsal nearby and I remember being in awe of the color guard they had. I was even more shocked that they had boys on their guard too and suddenly I didn’t feel self-conscious about wanting to be a part of it ... After watching, I felt empowered and inspired and I told myself that one day I would be out on that field ... I auditioned and made the Boston Crusaders color guard and won the “Zingali” (award) at the conclusion of the summer. The growth I had seen in myself ... I learned time management, goal setting, perseverance, how to work out for 14 hours a day without dying in the heat, taking care of myself, and building relationships with my fellow members and staff. ...I can’t wait to continue my drum corps career for two more summers, creating new friendships, strengthening old ones and continuing to become a better, more hardworking version of myself. All thanks to drum corps.

Recommendation: Kevin Bauer, Rochester, RIT School of Film and Animation

I have had Davis in multiple classes over the past few years and we have gotten to know each other quite well. He has made big strides as a student and has really started to find himself as an artist. Davis was someone I could trust to be active in class and was never afraid to be in front of the other students. He is not afraid to take criticism on his work and make improvements off of feedback ... He is pushing himself as an animator and I can’t wait to see the end result. Davis has a bright future ahead of him and I am excited to see how he continues to grow and evolve.

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