2019 World Championship Scores

Tuesday, August 13th, 2019

DRUM CORPS INTERNATIONAL 2019 WORLD CLASS CHAMPIONSHIPS took place in Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, IN on August 10. Three of the corps that appeared in the DRUMS ALONG THE MOHAWK competition on August 1 in Rome made the semifinals but only one corps made it to the coveted Top Twelve Finals.

Spirit of Atlanta (85.587) and Pacific Crest (85.350) placed 13th and 14th respectively. Phantom Regiment placed 11th in the semifinals and ended in the 12th position for the finals.


  1. Blue Devils 98.325
  2. Bluecoats 98.238
  3. Santa Clara Vanguard 96.600
  4. Carolina Crown 96.563
  5. The Cavaliers 95.400
  6. Boston Crusaders 94.488
  7. Blue Knights 92.050
  8. Blue Stars 91.225
  9. The Cadets 89.838
  10. Mandarins 89.300
  11. Crossmen 87.550
  12. Phantom Regiment 87.238

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